Friday, July 3, 2015

Battle of Good and Evil, Help Convert Campaign on Kickstarter

Here's my friend project from Inspedio, Indonesian game developer studio.

Remember phrase "Choose your friend wisely"?

We all know how that bad friends can give us bad influence, while good friends will help us become a better person. However, while your friends give a bad influence to you, or you are also give a bad influence to him. This leads to a chicken-egg problem. Which one came first? Are you the one who makes your friend bad, or is it the other way around?

That question is what inspires a game developer from Bandung to create a game based on that premise, Convert. In that game, the developer tries to simulate how good or bad behavior spread in the world, with the help of Angel and Demon.

Convert is a game about Influence

An angel can turn human into a good person, while a demon can turn human into bad person. What’s interesting is that human will influence and affect each other. This leads to chain reaction, where a good person will create more good person, and vice versa for bad person. This is the core gameplay of Convert. Where you can change a whole group of people into either a good one or bad one by converting only few of them and let them spread the influence by themselves.

Convert consist of two version

The digital version is a puzzle game for single player, whereas the boardgames is a  multiplayer game for 2-6 player. Both version have the same concept and gameplay, albeit with slight difference in game detail, mostly to accommodate user experience in different platform.

Convert is planned to be released in Steam (for PC games)at Late 2015, and will be ported to Mobile platform (android, iOS, Windows Phone) at Early 2016.

This game fate is in your hand.

Help Convert on it's Kickstarter page here.

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