Saturday, May 30, 2015

I LOLed Hard for This! Real Developer Accused for Piracy

30 Mei 2015
Penulis: Fakry Naras Wahidi

RedHead Redemption Download

There's something funny and awkward moment that I found in my Facebook timeline yesterday.

My friend, Anton Soeharyo, CEO of Touchten, was accused for the act of piracy for his game, Cute Kill, by a gamer. The accuser said that he was copying RedHead Redemption and made it into Cute Kill.

Cute Kill Download

The fact, Cute Kill was released on January 2013 by TouchtenA year later, it was remade with the new title called RedHead Redemption with the collaboration of 9GAG Game. Better details and more features. With this fact, Cute Kill was act as the predecessor and not a copy game.

Anton not offended about that accusation send by Eimantas Masaitis to his email and just laughing about it on his Facebook page. "You fuckin copied this game from 9gag. You fuckin fags," accuser said.

Anton Soeharyo

"I LOLed hard at this cc: Ray Chan, Chris Chan," Anton's post in his timeline.

After all, I don't want to blame or embarrass the accuser because of his innocence. So people, please check the fact or googling first before accusing someone. Because when it happens, you'll only embarrass yourself.

I think that's all.

Please play, Cute Kill and RedHead Redemption. Both are great!

Download them in Google Play or App Store for free.

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